Sunday, March 29, 2009

Property abroad

My brother just arrived from abroad. He is working as a property custodian for a chemical company. Along with my brother is his co-employee. By next year, I will also be going there to work in a hospital since I am a registered nurse. My brother has his own house there. I am planing to stay there while I am working. But I am also contemplating on Buying property abroad . In my contract of employment, I will be staying there for 4 years and I believe in that years I can be able to acquire properties just like my brother did. Before, my brother also did bought properties abroad before going there. He visited, the best place to buy properties. I already told my brother about my plans and he is very much willing to help me out there, especially when starting to live in a place where you are new and strange of. My papers are already complete. I am just completing my work points so that when I get there, I hold a good position in the hospital. Buying property is really a good move for me. So that when I get there, I have a place I can call my very own. I want a house by the sea. it is because the hospital where I am going to work is a coastal one. I am very much excited already to live there and stay in my own and first property abroad.

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