Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leaves are not green but yellow in color

What we actually see when we look on the beautiful structure of leave, or grasses is not exactly what scientists see. In case a teacher raises a question to the class asking for the color of leave, it would be an amazing question to every one, as majority of students would think the answer is simple and clear. All these who are in this position would have fallen in the same mercy as I fell few years ago, when I was attempting my final exam of biology, where I entered in the same confusion. The truth is that leaves are not green. In the public I deny that, and if this truth will cost my freedom and force me to jail, or exile, I will be willing for that, but I will continue to disagree that leaves are of a green color. The green color which is seen from any point of view, is actually the color of chlorophyll, the green pigment designated to trap sunlight so as to help the plant to manufacture its own food. Since chlorophyll have covered the both sides of leaves people have been easily trapped to conclude that leaves are of a green color. But if any of these people would hold a breath and be patient for a while, would soon discover that leaves are of yellow color.When the chlorophyll finishes its task of manufacturing food, and the color went away, that is where the leave is about to wilt, and its true color without one of the chlorophyll, is now clearly seen. So I would conclude my discussion by insisting that leaves are not of green color, but yellow

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