Friday, March 20, 2009

Searching the right information

I always teach my daughter in her lessons everyday and we do it every afternoon when we are home. She is in her senior kinder now. I teach her good values and right conduct. There are times that I need to open books for references because some of her lessons are not familiar to me that's why there are times that I search the net for a complete information. During my internet surf , I have found a site named Wiwapia, it is a Pocket Wikipedia that can help me a lot in searching for topics concerned. Wiwapia is an online free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. I always visit this site whenever I need an answer. so to all people out there, if you want to search for a certain topic, go straight to the free online encyclopedia at

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bb. ella said...

gee , thanks men `! just passing by . i need sources for my homeworks . godbless .