Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cash advance loans

I am presently working in the office and my scheduled date when I have money is every 15 and 30. For these dates are the scheduled salary day. I would admit that their are times, not just once but many times when my financial obligations must be paid immediately. There was a time when I borrowed from a friend of mine. For the cash advance, I have to pay the 25% interest for the money that I borrowed. I know that is not a friend. Because I paid to high interest rate for the loan that I got. Just last month, I was told that I have to pay the house rent and utilities. If I don't pay the bills, I might not have a light and water in my house. The rent of the house was also due. My landlady keeps making follow up on the rent, almost everyday. My salary is not enough to cover up all the bills and rent for the house. I don't want to borrow again from my friend and pay 25% interest. I also don't want to approach a family relative and ask for financial assistance. What I did was I availed of the Cash Advance Loans form The loan application was released immediately without any delay and the payment is easy on my budget. I get to pay all the bills and house rent and be able to save from my salary.

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