Thursday, March 19, 2009

Davao City public utility vehicle drivers declare transport strike

Davao City experienced a transport strike now. Public transportation drivers calls the attention of the LTO public officials for they are the ones responsible for making the violation fees very expensive. It is really very high because most of the violation fees started from 1 thousand up. there are public drivers who airs his problem that he violated one violation for driving a "no side mirror vehicle" and his licence was confiscated and given a TOP and when he went to the LTO office to pay his violation fees, he was shocked because his previous violation which he already paid was added to his present violation fees that will reach to 2,400 for a single violation. Normally the violation fees before started at 240 to 260 pesos but the figure bloated to 1000 pesos up plus adding the previous violation fees that was already paid. it was really unfair. LTO officers should think that money is really difficult to raise most especially now a days that we are experiencing global financial crisis.

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