Thursday, March 19, 2009

Building my home

I am doing the renovation in our home right now. I would say that the old house was totally razed to build a new one. I got the property at a very good price from a broker who happens to be my brother. I personally sketched the floor plan of the house and the number of rooms and the interior, I leave that to my wife, since she is an architect. The living room, I got the idea from a local house design magazine that my wife bought. For the bathrooms, got it from the expert. I usually visits several sites that offers bathroom designs and the wellness of having a good bathroom. I visit, the best place to visit and find the perfect things for your bathroom. This site was recommended by my friend who works in an engineering firm. In few weeks time my house will be completed and I can move in. Right now, I live in a condominium with my wife. Having a good home and with a good ambiance is what I like. I already told my friends that after the house is completed, I will be having a blessing and a party for them. All of my friends are invited. This is a way of thanking all of them for the support and encouragements that they gave to let me buy the house.

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