Friday, May 8, 2009

My Aunts dream house

My Aunt has dreamt of building her dream house in Florida. Florida is a coastal area and when we say of coastal area, it is synonymous to hot and humid weather. Though this is the scenario in Florida still my aunt would like to build her house near the beach. I can not blame her for she loves the beauty of the beach and not to mention that she is a life guard for the past six years now. For a start she and her Danish husband seek the services of an architect to design the house as well as its interior. They are planning to make a two storey building with four bedrooms, two comfort rooms, a garage, a patio that faces the beach and a swimming pool where my cousins would bask in the sun. They are also planning to make a play and entertainment rooms. With these amenities inside the house, no one could ask for more not even my aunt and uncle but without an air conditioning system no one can survive the heat of the sun thus,
St. Louis HVAC comes to the rescue to install the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system is a must in any house near the beach for it could get hot in the morning and even hotter in mid day.

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