Wednesday, May 20, 2009

making a good home with a good roof

My sister is getting married this coming December. She is planning to come home from Australia together with his Filipino boyfriend from Manila to ask the blessings of my parents. They will be here by August. As what they have planned, after the marriage they will be going to the United States to settle down and have their own house. They are planning to design their house just like in the tropics for they would want to keep near the homeland that they come from the Philippines. They have contacted contractors to install the precast walls, ceilings and everything that goes in building a house. Even the expertise Atlanta Commercial Roofing are sought by my sister to keep the roof sturdy and resistant from any weather that would come.

This plan of settling for good is a nice way for my sister is old enough to raise a family of her own. I am happy to hear the news and very much excited. The only thing I wish for her is I hope she chooses the right person to be with her for the rest of her life. Waiting for their arrival by August so as to meet the person she loves.

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