Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The best supercharger for your car

I am a mechanic by profession and I used to do car customization. i know all the parts of the engine and how it works that's why I replace some of the car parts to give super performance. If you want your car to move faster, you need to have a good supercharger because this part will be responsible for giving a constant air supply to the combustion chamber because if you don't have a supercharger or turbo charger your combustion chamber can't provide the super speed that you need for it lacks air in the air-fuel mixture. I usually install superchargers to my car and to my customers car. I used to buy superchargers to a site named A site that offers high quality made and durable superchargers. This site offers a lot of supercharger models such as buick supercharger, mercedes supercharger, pontiac supercharger. So I strongly suggest to all car owners if you are looking for the best superchargers at a very reasonable price, just visit the site at

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