Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making a house

My Mother in law has been a travelling nurse in the United States since the early 80's. She has been transferring from one state to the other or from one place to the other depending on the need of nurses in a particular hospital and her agency. The stay would be brief, it would only last four three to four months and travelling is always in the scenario bringing with her the things that are needed in her transfer which would range from gas stoves to television sets. Thus, she had enough of the work that she have and would want to retire from the usual routine that's familiar to her and have a home of her own. She is planning to settle in Texas for her last assignment was in this place and found her husband who is a local in the area. According to her she fell in love with the place for the warm welcome are always expressed by her neighbors. She and her husband have planned of a beautiful house to dwell together with my two cousins. The house will be built by San Antonio Home Builder who is an expert in the field of building a house and making it a home. I have seen the plan and the house is spacious with four bedrooms, a garage, kitchen and a swimming pool for my cousin and their friends to hang out during Sundays

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