Monday, May 4, 2009

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao defeated Ricky Hatton of England

I was waiting yesterday afternoon for the fight between Manny "Pacman Pacquiao of the Philippines against Ricky Hatton in Mandalay Bay arena. I exactly viewed the fight at 3:00 in the afternoon but I already knew the result because some of my friends texted me already who paid the payper view. It was really amazing for the fight lasted only less than three minutes. Ricky Hatton was totally knocked out for the third time he received strongly the Punches of the Philippines people champ Manny. This is another honor for the Filipino people. Manny is the ultimate boxer of the world and no one can beat him for he got the power against other boxers. Go Go Go Manny Filipinos loves you so much.

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nancy said...

How did your friend react when it lasted real quick?

See some other peoples' reactions too here:

Musta, Noel! imong friend si Brian, negosyante na like you no? maayo pa mo dah! doble2 na ang income..good luck to both of you :D