Saturday, May 16, 2009

The little Boracay of Cebu

Boracay is the first name when it comes to beaches in the Philippines for it has a crystal clear waters and a lot of visitors coming in to celebrate during summer but the place is so crowded already because most people during summer has planned to go to the same area. I divert my plan to one of the beaches in the Philippines that is also compare to the Boracay of Katiclan and that is the Little Boracay of Cebu that is located in the south. It also have crystal clear water with pulverized white sand. It is so similar with the Boracay but it is not too crowded compared to the said place. so if you have not tried to explore the place yet, try now I am sure you wont regret it for it has a lot to offer to tourist visitors like you plus it is not so expensive just reasonable enough to cover the cost.

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