Wednesday, May 6, 2009

building a house

It has been a while now that I havent seen my dear old aunt who happens to be the sister of my Mother, for she is the United States of America working as a travelling nurse. I guess the last time I saw her was in the summer of 1982 before she left. Just recently she called up my mom and told her that she is going to retire from her work. The reason behind her decision was to enjoy and have time with her family for the nature of her job is always travelling from one state to the other with no permanent residence. Thus she is planning to build a home in Dallas for her last assignment was in this place and she also got married to a local resident in the same area who is also a physician.

My aunt and uncle seek the expertise of an architect to design the house and they see to it that the house is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds for Dallas is always visited by typhoons and tornado's. They also had their roofing made from Huron Roofing an expert in the fabrication of roofs. The best thing in ordering a roof is that you get to discuss the design, the color and in return would tell you if the roof is suitable or not depending on the area where the house will be built which make personalized.

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