Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving company

Last month, me and my wife bought some furniture and appliances for our apartment. But I did not expect that I will be transferred to another city, since I am working as a salesman. When I was told about it, I immediately informed my wife, she suggested that the new furniture and appliances must be disposed because it will be burdensome on our part carrying it to where I will be assigned. Our pick-up truck cannot carry too much heavy load. She suggested to sell it to our friends at a lesser price. Considering that it was new, it will be a big loss on my part by selling it below the acquisition price. I told my wife that we will be bringing it to the new city where I will be assigned. At first she was very hesitant about the plan because it will be very hard traveling with so many loads. I told her about the Moving Company that assisted my brother in carrying his things to his new house. I immediately contacted the said company and they responded immediately. After making all the negotiations and instructions for the delivery location, my wife and I went ahead. After two days our belongings where brought to our new house. All items in the inventory were safely delivered to our new house. I am very thankful of the moving company that we hired to do the carrying of our things. They have a website,, visit it for more details.

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