Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tyra Banks is making the world green

Tyra Banks is crazy ya’ll. But not like crazy in a bad way, just like…you know…crazy in a Tyra Banks kind of way. Like stripping off all her clothes on national television or dressing up like a homeless person and living on the street for a night. You can kind of always expect Tyra to be just a little out there.
Well yesterday Tyra got serious as she and previous America’s Next Top Model contestants Claire Unabia, Saliesha Cooper and Jaslene Gonzalez joined New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to plant an Oak tree on Ninth Avenue as part of the Million Tree Month and as a commemoration of the 600th episode of the The Tyra Banks Show. And a tree wasn’t the only thing Tyra planted.
Before the day was over she had planted a nice wet kiss right on cheek of Michael Bloomberg. Oh Tyra!
The event will air on an episode of The Tyra Banks Show sometime after Earth Day. To yuou Tyra Banks, keep up the good work!!! and one thing I'm gonna add to say is that your show is one of the greatest show in the whole world, I love your show so much and I like the way you handle the show

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