Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hayden Panettiere was called in the set early morning

In a shooting, time is very important in every film making. Actors and actresses are gathered in one place together with the crew to have a film shooting. celebrities are paid at a high price just to do an acting. there are also times that a director needs a gloomy shot or a shot that is to be made during dawn. Actors and actresses wakes up in the middle of their dreams to perform acting. Just like this one actress Hayden, Looking as if she could’ve used a bit more sleep, Hayden Panettiere was spotted up for an early call time on the set of “I Love You Beth Cooper” on Sunday (April 13).
Bundled up for the brisk morning weather, Hayden pulled herself together and made it through the many takes shot on location in Vancouver B.C.

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