Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My sentiments to the lessee on my fathers inherited property in CEBU

I have been in Cebu last January 11 to fix my fathers' inherited property where there was one tenant whom we entered into contract. My fathers 2 storey building property is located in the heart of the city in an eighty-eight square meter. It has three rooms and 1 toilet and bath and can accommodate 2 cars for it has an ample parking lots. There were 4 people who occupied the property. Among the four people, three worked in a call center company and one student. It was said that the three people were brothers and sister while the other one was a distant relative of the ministry pastor. When I entered the house I was shocked and surprise to what I have witnessed because on its rooms upstairs, there were dumped trash items such as damaged computers, steels, cables, damage phone sets, baskets, black trash bags, old newspapers, Christmas lights, plastic containers, old television sets that were already dumped because it was not functional at all and so many items that were very hazardous to fire. I am really upset to what I had noticed because I am not expecting that kind of scenario. The reason why I went there was because one of the members of the Ministry who was in -charge of the monthly rentals called my attention last Christmas season saying that the roof needs to be repair because there were leaks. The in-charge was not an occupant of the said place, she was only in-charge of the monthly rental but she visits three times a week as their regular pastoral meeting where they conduct bible sharing, preaching and other churchly activities. After I saw the situation i immediately called the attention of the lady in-charge. She said that they don't use the property as their dumping site for garbage and unused materials, she claimed that all of those where in good condition. I said to her that you should visit the site in order for you to witnessed what's going on. On that afternoon, the lady in-charge came and I told her that you go upstairs and check. After she noticed the thing she was totally upset to the 4 people whom he trusted for in keeping the premises clean and in order. She explained to me that she really didn't know how trashy upstairs was because everytime they had bible gathering, it is always held downstairs and they didn't go upstairs and roam around the property to checked because the ground floor was actually in order. To make the story short, She called the attention of their pastor and called their members to clean the place. After I have finished drafting the contract, I ask her if their pastor was available on that afternoon to sign the contract of lease. She said that they will no longer continue anymore and will just finished their stay up to May 23. They were occupying the said place for three years already and based on the contact of lease stipulations and what was agreed upon, there is a 15 percent increase of its monthly rental after three years of renting. Anyway, I am also happy that they will not continue because based on my opinion they were good renters but they don't know how to keep the premises clean and in order. I am showing the actual videos which I took during my stay in Cebu City. To all readers of this blog and my friends online your comments is highly appreciated!!!

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