Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Computer business is a profitable one

The computer box
The wirings

The finished product where plenty of users play online.

I am not a computer technician but since i have electrical background on Auto electrical, I was able to install a customized computer device wherein a user needs to drop a one peso coin in a coin slot for the computer to run. There are a lot of wires inside and its components. I also made the computer box and its paint. It cost around 25 thousand plus cheaper than the machines that are sold in the market now. This type of computer machines is limited in the market for most of the computer owners and operators used the regular one where owners who controls the servers will remind the user of its remaining time while this one is different a single drop of coin will run for 6 minutes and after you consume the time the whole device will automatically shut off. This will save more on energy because the whole thing is not working anymore unlike with the regular computers where they are in stand by mode. This is really a profitable one. I can say that I wanted to own a business like this but I don't have enough capital. I just hope that one day if I can save more funds. I will definitely run this kind of business where internet users will surely patronize it. I will show some pictures which I took a week ago during my visit in my friends internet shop which I am also a part owner.

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