Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saving my old desktop Pentium 4

I am so sad this few days already because my desktop is in Columbia Computer Center. I brought it last week because it wont display already and maybe it has a problem in its mother board. I have already replaced its original mother board a year ago and I think I need to replaced it again this time. This desktop is already an old desktop of mine. Actually this Pentium 4 old desktop came from my sister Altesse when she was still in Manila working in an Atlas fertilizer company and since she applied for an overseas work in Australia , she decided to bring it to Davao and give it to me. Archie, the technician yesterday told me to buy a new hard disk that has a sata drive because the mother board is provided with one sata drive only. We can't use already the IDE ports because it was determined that the ports were already damage and not functioning at all. If I choose to use the Sata port, I can no longer use the CD player because its connection is from IDE ports. It's OK for me by not using CD ROM as long as my desktop can still be used but after awhile the technician called me and said my existing mother board got a problem already in its SATA drive and I think that mother board needs to be replaced again. Right now, I am planning to look for another mother board that is compatible with my processor that has a 478 socket. I am sure I will be visiting surplus shop this time because old mother boards are not available to the market anymore.

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