Friday, February 12, 2010

Searching for the right place

We were busy looking for a new site for our computer business. We tried to look for a place in Catalunan Pequeno, lower Mintal area but we dint get good results. After a couple of days, looking for a perfect place to start, we tried to visit the Matina Aplaya stretch hoping that we could get one. We have seen one place that's a newly painted house with two concreted stalls in front of it. One is occupied while the other is used as their Storage for their rice stocks. We offered to the owner and explained everything what we have in store for them if they will venture with us the kind of business we are into and the lady owner was really convinced but the problem was she still has to ask permission to her parents who is in Cotabato City. We are just thinking positive right now that the conversation will be a successful one. I just hope they will like our ideas so that we can start operating our computer business immediately.

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