Saturday, September 19, 2009

led lights

I visited two of my friends in town named Gerald and Dave. We were classmates during college years and until now we were bonding during weekends with our families. We used to spend the day fishing, diving and exploring the crystal clear water of the sea. We have the same interest because the three of us graduated taking up marine engineering course and became a license marine engineer. Gerald works in a luxury boat as a boat mechanic and Dave works in a tanker vessel as a chief mate while I make good profit in my small engineering business. When we went fishing a week ago, I have noticed that the yacht needs led boat lights so I informed my friends to look in the net. I immediately surf the net to look for a site that offers led spreader lights and luckily I found a site named Magnalight that offers different varieties of led spreader lights for boats and marine application. Their products are very durable and the prices are just reasonable enough. So to all people who needs led spreader lights for their marine transportation go immediately to the site where you choose a variety of durable led spreader lights. For more information about their products just visit

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