Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's my sister Altesse 41st birthday!!!

It is my sister Altesse 41st birthday today and even she's not with us we are still celebrating her birthday with the little kids namely Keisha, Cykie dodge and Pinpin. We bought birthday cake and balloons this morning and prepared to cook delicious foods. I am sure the kids will love it and they will be surprised because they all didn't know about the plan. It is a surprised celebration for the kids and since the celebrant is not with us, all she has to do is to browse the net for my site for her to appreciate the effort that we will do this dinner time. To you "Sis", all I can say is Happy 41st birthday and I hope that you will have more birthdays to come and good health. I promised to post all the pictures after dinner.


Anonymous said...

Hi to All, Thanks for the preparation and the cake, baloon and banner as well. I like Phoenix's dress it is very cute. Mica is so sexy. Sexy is so tall. Ayaw na lang isulti ang edad....I just turned 28 today. hahahah

Anonymous said...

I meant, Cykie is so tall. Basta ayaw isulti ang edad. Just say 28the birthday. My officemates gave me a birthday cake earlier during the seminar. Debra thought I was 25!!! Imagine that!! and she was shocked when she found out the truth.