Monday, September 7, 2009


Global recession is a world wide concern. A lot or most of the countries are affected by its effects as well as small, medium and large scale businesses. But this does not hamper all business establishments. Some businesses Thrive on this phenomenon and are doing well. A typical example of this business is a business owned by my uncle. My uncle who has been in the gold industry is doing fine. His business started way back in the 90's buy collecting gold coins and buying gold. For him it is a good investment for one reason, gold and rare items does not depreciate and the value would keep on rising.

So if you want to start a business try looking into the buy gold, buy gold coin, buy bullion. Who knows this could be a break that you've been waiting for and start earning big. As for me, who is a neophyte I have started the buy gold coins and the buy gold bullion and dreaming to make it big someday just like my uncle.

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