Sunday, September 20, 2009

I know who's calling

I always received different calls from different customers and friends. I worked in a call center for 5 years now and i can say that I make good money out of my career as a call center agent. I can say that it is a very tiring job since I was assigned in a graveyard shift but the compensation that I received is very rewarding. Calls are very important because it is where customers and sellers meet. I always make a list of phone numbers and transfer it to my phone memory list of callers but there are times that I received calls that were not listed in my phone. I really don't worry too much because I know that I can still locate that caller by using the Whosthiscaller site free phone lookups services. I have tried there services and it give good and accurate results. It is so easy to use; all you have to do is to enter a full number in one of their search bars and immediately they will give you fantastic results or you may choose to use their advanced phone report search box that includes owners name , address and many more... so if you need to locate callers, you now have the ultimate site for searching and to know Who's This Caller. For more information about their free phone lookup services just visit their site at

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