Sunday, June 21, 2009

Internet shop in Panabo City

This afternoon I went to Panabo City to visit the internet business of my brothers officemate named Yongyong which I also is a partial owner. The internet business runs almost ten days already and it gives good results. There are a lot of online players that keeps on coming to play their favorite online games. My brother was the first one to reach the said place with his son Cykie Dodge. When we arrived the place, my daughter Keisha started to play online games but she was not so familiar with those online games that's why some of the players taught her how to play the game online. It was really fun watching them playing their favorite online games. This kind of business is very profitable and easy to manage because you only need the machines plus the buffer coins. It is like your making a piggy bank where other people will drop coins for your savings. I just hope that this business will grow bigger and bigger. I took some pictures during our visit to the internet cafe. The pictures above shows how plenty the online players were.

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