Thursday, June 4, 2009

The house they dream of

Just recently I have noticed that a house is nothing without a good plan, foundation and most of all a good roof that would withstand any climate change, such as snow, hale and heavy rains. My sister got a new home for she got married to a British National who resides in the United States and work in the marines as a technical Sargent. Since my sister have ample savings for she is also a nurse, she decided together with her husband to build a house for their coming family. They have designed the house that they have dreamt of. I even actually saw the floor plan before its execution for I was their having my two week vacation in their apartelle. The house area was a 400 square meter and a two storey building with four bedrooms, a living room, dining, a garage, a spacious kitchen with a patio facing the sunrise and the best part is the entertainment room. They even had the services of Oklahoma City Roofing for their roof to safe guard them from heavy rains and snows for according to them the weather is sometimes unpredictable and cruel. It could be sunny in the morning and could turn into a storm in the later part of the evening. I am so amazed of the plan they both have. How I wish next time I visit them the house that they have dreamt of is complete and livable.

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