Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hoping for the best

I already submitted the documents needed for my application abroad. I have completed all the documents and gathered all the necessary documents to support my declarations in written form. Vetassess is the one responsible for my application. I just hope that Iwill pass the expectations of the assessing agency so that I could also work abroad and earn good income for my family.

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Maricor said...

hi sir! i read your post "-)

am also planning to submit docs to vetassess to get my job/skills assessed. sir may i ask what are the docs u submit?? and does it need to be notarized or authenticated? and regarding work experience, should i include short-spanned works? like my first 3 jobs for 3 mons, & 6 months? Or does 2 year exp is enough?

Thanks sir.

God bless to your application!!