Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) visit

Yesterday, me and my wife Lyhra keep on seeking on how to make Laminar flows for banana and orchid production that can also be used on other ornamental plants such as aroids and , diffeinbachias, anthuriums, and other flowering plants that are in demand; until we ended up calling some of our friends in the garden club asking for some other resources and luckily we were advised to visit the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) located in Mintal Davao City which one of our friends named Vencio Gallego who is also one of members of the Mindanao Federation of the gardeners of Davao and the president of the said club which I am also a member. We asked permission if we can enter the laboratory premises and luckily we were permitted to and took pictures. The laminar flow is a very simple thing to do. it is just a concept of an air coming from outside that will enter the laminar box through an exhaust ventilator that has a filter on it and will keep on pushing pressure down to the second filter and passes to the working area. You can easily customize such laminar flow and regulate the air that you want to pass. I will be planning this day my own customize laminar flow. so just watch out for my next post because I will be posting pics!!!.

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