Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get the best defense lawyers in town

Yesterday night, my friend Alex called me because he was having a problem with the police. He was caught along the red light district of L.A. for a simple traffic violation. He admitted that he really committed a violation, there's no problem with that, but the problem is a police charge him of drunk driving; which is an additional violation from his previous violation since the police officer saw a bottle of beer inside his car. My friend Alex argued with the said officer why he will be charge of drunk driving even if he is not drunk. The bottle of beer was there for almost a week, he remembers when he and his friend John bought a bottle of beer and softdrinks during his 27Th birthday last week. He is asking now in my opinion and I straightly told him that in that case you need a good DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles to fight for your right and I immediately browse the net and look for the best defense lawyers in town and luckily I encountered one of the websites named Kestenbaum, Eisner and Gorin,LLP site that has the best defense lawyers when it comes to drunk driving case. I am pretty sure that with their good services as defense lawyers my friend Alex will win the case against those police officers. For more information about their good services you may call them at 877-781-1570 for their immediate response 24/7.

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