Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mango farm "thumbs Up!!!

Mango farm business is a very promising thing. We went to the mango farm yesterday as scheduled by the mango contractor named Nick Zabate for harvest time. We see to it that the whole system is in order since we deal with large number of people that includes the harvester, haulers, buyers, and the cook and of course the classifiers. We finished harvesting mangoes for two days for the 19 tons. The price of mango commands a good price for 33 "all in" per kilo. Most of the mangoes were classified "good quality, local and dried". We were given 1/3rd share as agreed. it would be better if we will be the one taking care of the mangoes for inducing it down to harvesting, we could have all the amount after all but we have decided to get a contractor and receive a 30 percent share without spending a single centavo since we also have other things to consider. I just hope that we will get a quality next flower induction and a good amount of harvest next year.

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