Monday, November 8, 2010

These are the plants that I have in my garden now, take a look Mr. Teddy of Butuan and Arnuld Matsuda Gadiano

drum size phuducarpus

the author posing with his cone type eugenias

drum size eugenias

topiary boxwood na green

drum size auracaria

variegated ficus benjamina

A new variety of creeping cypress

drum size golden miagos

assorted hybrid gumamelas or hybiscus

drum size creeping cypress

different colors of papuas for landscaping

my pandakaki

new san francisco dwarf ( it turns golden yellow under the sun) new variety of snap dragon

yellow shrimp plant


for ground covers lantanas violet and white

my japanese yews

This is the variegated type of golden papuas

my golden papuas

african santan large

boxwood still teddy

my boxwood topiaries teddy boy

scented soylan ideal for landscaping

golden papua
variegated cypress

blue cypress

needle pine cypress

eugenias silver pandakaki

cone type topiary still eugenias

my burgandies topiary

my sinisyo topiaries

my topiaries eugenias

large golden miagos

new variety of scented kamuning

lolipop or golden queen plant

red shrimpplant

chichirika vincas

Variegated ficus benjamina

creeping cypres

large plumbago

large pandakaki

assorted star clusters

flowering melendrez for landscaping borders

large red catchura plant

hustisya plant

sunkist santan new variety


Mr. J.A. Book said...


Anonymous said...

hi,I'm John and I'd like to know what is the scientific name for golden papua plant? Thank u...

Anonymous said...

hi im bobby. do you sell some of your plants too sir, like maybe the pandakaki? txt me at 09179953162

jusafairytale said...

hello . so I'm hoping you'll soon read my comment . first I wanna say you have a very nice collection of plants in your garden .

Your site is helpful knowing that I found what I was looking for , the large red catchura plants ?! I would like to ask for its english name ? because in any way I can't find its scientific classification over the internet using using only the cathura name . so I was hoping you could help me? thanks in advance .

defne said...

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Anonymous said...

what is the english name of hustiya plant sir?

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elefonzero said...

How to grow pandakaki? Me and my wife starts to plant and landscape our soon to be little garden, but we dont know if we just have to cut a twig and plant directly on the ground? Lol

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