Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deep freeze for internet cafe as file protection

My collections of software has increase again to another important softwares that I will be using it for my file protection and this is the Deep freeze version 6.53. This kind of software is a must to people who are operating an internet cafe because this will protect their files and programs against users who are trying to steal an application/softwares most specially in "games". I am so happy that I just bought it for only 100 pesos and it is like an original thing because it has a CD key but this is not the original one. It is just a copy of the original and distributed to other users. There is another software that I kept on looking for and that is the Professional Autoshutdown software. This software is also a need to internet cafe operators because this thing will control the user of his or her time. This kind of software is also programmed to jive with the timers signal so that computer administrator can have a full control of his/her units. I hope that I can have one autoshutdown since the last application that I have was accidentally deleted during installation.

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