Thursday, December 10, 2009

Puzzled about the Martial law decleration

I watched a live telecast on the Maguindanao debate held in senate this afternoon regarding the martial law. There were a lot of ideas presented among the government officials but I was interested more on the explinations of the congressman of the Maguindanao in the name of Didagen Dilangalen whom he explained that why declare martial law to Maguindanao where no one is fighting back to the government rather that filing a murder case to the suspects. Martial law is only applicable to places where there is rebellion. Dilangalen said that why not declare to places where rebels are present like the heavily populated MILF regions. We all knew that MILF groups are considered rebels then why not declare martial law to them instead. Based on the declaration of the martial law, it was stated that martial law is only applied to selected Maguindanao areas that excludes MILF infested areas. How come the president declares Martial law to Maguindanao excluding the real rebels of the neighboring places. What this thing implicates to the public? People will become more puzzled about this thing because it seems that a case is not filed accordingly. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... i just hope that the government can solve this thing and give justice to the Maguindanao massacre victims.

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