Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is my 36th birthday today

Today is my 36Th birthday and I am not getting any younger anymore. I have to manage my life more secure, more profitable because I have a family to feed. This year of my life, I felt more mature and eager to make more business to be able to give greener pasture for my family. I have learned already a lot of things from the past and knew who was my friend and who will be considered as my true companion in times of struggle. There is only one formula in looking for a better life and this is not to trust persons that are just pretentious, people that are like true to you but if you give and need help they will just immediately disappear or eventually say "NO" to your plans. In my own visayan dialect I can say that "ang tao nga nagitag panabang para mu asenso mau rasay makatubag sa iyang kalisod ug dili angay na mangita ug tabang sa uban kay kasagaran mahiubus raka sa ilang tubag unya, ug nagpaharun ingnun lang pud na sila nga mutabang apan kun tinud un dili jud diay kursunada nga mutabang kanimo" so anyway lets make things more happy since this is my happy day hehehehee..... I tried to forget all the bad experiences of my life. I am now more careful and more mature enough to understand the circumstances that came into my way. To all my readers and online friends Merry Christmas !!!!


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