Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am still sharp when it comes to troubleshooting

Early this morning as I was about to start my pick up engine heading for my garden to pick up some ornamental plants, I suddenly experience engine failure. It fails the engine to run in a regular manner as a result, we were not able to pick-up the plants and work with what is in schedule for the day, instead we immediately start fixing and diagnose what were the possible problems of the engine. I started troubleshooting and concentrate on different parts of the engine and observed its performance. There were problems on electricity so I replaced the condenser and the spark plugs then check on the tension wires for possible leaks, I also performed tune up and check on the valves and its correct clearances. After all the possible changes were made i immediately start the engine and check it if all the problems were resolved but the engine still fails to start so i check again on the carburetor side. I dismantled its components and performed cleaning. I found out that the pins were all clogged and I am so sure that this is what causes the engine failure. after I cleaned all the components and assembled it back. I tried it for the third time to run the engine and luckily it runs smoothly after I adjusted the mixture of the air and fuel adjusting screws. I'm still so sharp when it comes to trouble shooting. no wonder all of my classmates then, were asking me if they have difficulty in the class troubleshooting analysis and practical examinations.

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