Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keisha got a new limited edition sony PSP

Keisha got a new Sony PSP limited edition (Hannah Montana) while i got my new 500 gigabytes WD hard drive with enclosure from Australia. Two days ago when my sister arrived from Aussie got all our "pasalubungs"(gift presence). Early that morning we went to the big house to witnessed the gift giving. All were present and excited to see what's in store for everybody. The gift were distributed first to the three kids namely Keisha, Cykie Dodge and the smallest Phinpin. They were very happy to received all the gifts for them. I took pictures to capture their cutest smiles. They received toys and shirts then aften that adult gift distribution followed. I received a 500 gigabytes WD hard drive. I am so thankful for this device because i can use it in my internet business to store files and software. I already knew that i will received this Christmas season because we already discussed it earlier this month and she asked me if I like to have one just like what she bought earlier during that discussion. Everybody was having fun especially the kids because we all know that Christmas has really a great impact for them. This is the time were you can witnessed their happiest moments of the year. To all my friends out there Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.!!!!!!!!!!!!




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