Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Central Mindanao history

Maguindanao massacre gave a very bad image of the Filipino people. I watch news on channel 45 interviewing Father Mercado of Cotabato city. A host asked him about some histories of the Ampatuans. It was said that Governor Andal senior was once became a mayor of the Maganoy which was divide into 4 municipalities namely the Shariff Aguak, Mapasamano, and the two other municipalities. The senior Ampatuan run for office against one of the big names and political leader which was his relative also and he won because the opponent was assassinated. The Maguindanaoans suspected him for the incident but the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence as Father Mercado explained. Most of the big political clans in central Mindanao area have their own specific territories and when someone will invade or make a step and will try to conquer then that's the time they will have a clashed that most often results to war.

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