Monday, November 16, 2009

Our internet business hits the target market right away

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We have already delivered the 6 units customized computers for gaming to the area where we planned to put up a little bus iness and for two consecutive days of operation ; I can say that it is blockbuster because it hits the target market right away. It captures the interest of the players and the kids as well. We have the most affordable internet rates ever because for as little as 1 peso coin you can now surf and play games online for 6 minutes. Actually, we still have no internet connection maybe next week due to application procedures but players were already playing their favorite Lan games. I am so happy because maybe this thing will give a break to me and to my fellow co- owners of this new business of mine. I just hope that this will go stronger and will go bigger so that we can think of another business expansion on the next few months.

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