Monday, November 9, 2009

Failure cloning

We tried to clone all the 6 units of computers yesterday night, all have the same specifications to be able to have no difficulty in their compatibilities because cloning from one item to another is not possible if they have different models and versions. As we tried to clone the first unit we encountered already a problem. We can't proceed for cloning because a message will show an "Index reboot and index corrupted". We were very much puzzled because this is the first time we saw this kind of message. We have decided to let my friend Jong bring the 6 seagate 320 gigabytes hard disk drive to their place so that he can test it with excisting one and find out what was the root cause of not performing the right cloning. I think we performed and we followed the right procedure but Acronis failed to clone because the unit was not hook online; maybe this is the cause of clonoing failure.

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