Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Central Mindanao Massacre "Maguindanao"

Maguindanao massacre gave a really bad image of the Filipinos. All of the Filipinos including international medias and communities followed the reports of the said killings. They monitored every single report because this is not just a simple killing and reports of a massacre because this 57 killed persons that came from political clan Mangudadatu of Maguindnao were buried alive in the town of Maguindanao that includes civilians and motorist who just happened to follow the convoy. They were gunned down and buried alive with the used of government backhoe under the name of Governor Andal Ampatuan of Maguindanao. Reports said that the convoy of Mangudadatu together with the media personnel's were stopped along the Shariff kabunsuan and were brought 2.5 kilometers away from the place where they were hold by more than 100 armed men and were killed and buried alive including three vehicles owned by the city government of Tacurung. Government officials, media men, and ordinary citizens were very sad to hear the reports because no words can explain to the incident. It just happened in a couple of hours and all were gone. It seems that it was all planned because there was already a back hoe waiting in a place where there were no houses and no communities for mass graves. I think that the government should do something to get the perpetrators and the criminals no matter what their position in the government and how powerful they were in the field of politics. The president should do something about this issue and we need immediate results.

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loover said...

I suggest that does who kill the 57 people in mindanao that mayor will forced to eat pork and then buried him alive ...... #