Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie tickets

I have been an enthusiast or you may call me an addict of viewing movies. Ever since I was a kid, whenever there is a movie that would caught my attention and have the notion of viewing it, I always call the attention of my mom and would asked to accompany me to the theatre. Most often the request would be granted but the only problem is acquiring the movie ticket, we would fall in line and would wait for our turn to be assisted by the movie usherette, hassle isn't it? Just recently we watched Spiderman the movie and to do away with the hassle of acquiring the ticket we got Spiderman Tickets online this goes with The Addams Family tickets that I watched with my cousins. A piece of advice if you are just like me who wants to see movies or concerts and have a hard time acquiring tickets you can get it very easily and is just a click away from your computer mouse in Hilton Theatre tickets.

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