Thursday, July 30, 2009

What is Swine Flu?

What is Swine Flu?
Swine flu is a kind of disease of respiratory system which is caused by Swine influenza virus A. The virus may breakout among swine herd. In conventional practice human is rarely infected by Swine influenza virus. In recent years there are some cases in USA that people infect the Swine influenza virus. Most patients have ever contacted directly with the sick pigs.
People will be infected by respiratory tract contagion which caused by the swine flu
Be similar with cold, such as fever, cough, fatigue, loss of appetite and so on.
Spread fast:
Our body has not natural antibody against the variation virus.
Transmission way
sneezing, coughing and physical touch may spread the infection among people
easily infected group:
The majority aged 25 to 45 years old are diagnosed died from swine flu, patients infected with mainly young and middle-aged rather than elderly people and children.
Prevent Note:
None infector
1. Wash your hand frequently, shake hands as little as possible and do not kiss kids.
2. Go to confined spaces rarely like KTV and cinema .Try your best not go to public places.
3. Clean home office environment, disinfect frequently-used goods such as phone and door knob.
4. Seldom go to the hospital to prevent being infected by the crowd in big hospital. Go to small clinic when you are not serious.
5. keep 1 m away from each other in meeting to reduce the opportunity of transmission.
Doubtful infector
1. there is virus in the mouse and nose of the infector. You’d better not touch anyone else after contact the mouse and nose with hands to avoid infecting others.
2. Fever, cough, headache and other flu symptoms should wear masks to avoid infecting others
3. If you have symptoms of influenza or fever, do not go to work or school
4. Anyone who been infected must be separated from others. Or keep 1 m away from with others
5. See a doctor with flu symptoms even you are not sure. Take Relenza or Tamiflu between 36 hours and 48 hours when been infected continuously in five days.
It is effective to take Oseltamivir in the early infected stage.
The way of people infect swine flu:
You may be infected by contact with live pig or infected environment by swine flu even infector .After infected swine flu, the symptom is similar to common flu, including fever、cough 、sore throat、sore body、ague 、fatigue and so on. Some times they will have diarrhoea and vomit. The severe patients will have pneumonia and respiratory failure, even died of swine flu.
Personal protection measures:
Avoid contact with influenza-like symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, etc.) or pneumonia and other respiratory tract of patients .Be care of your personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently with soap and clean water ,especially after sneezing and coughing. Second, don’t go to the public to prevent from second infections. Third, cover your mouth and nose with napkins when coughing and sneezing. Then drop it to dustbin. If you have flu-like symptoms when you are outside, you need see a doctor ASAP wearing a mask and reported the condition to the local public health agencies and the inspection and quarantine departments.



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