Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm not good nor expert in different aspects of works but I know everything "I am just a handy man"

Keisha inside the box fixing the electrical works particularly on the ventilator connection
I am inside the box fixing some screws in here and Cykie my cousin can't help me because he is so fat and can't get inside himself inside the box.

I am not an expert in computer nor an expert in electrical works but I know the basic fundamentals and have installed different electrical jobs as well as car electronics. I am not also a mechanical engineer who works in a big companies that deals with mechanical works but I also know how to perform overhauling on different machines as a matter of fact I started to learn during my younger years and I have performed overhauling and trouble shooting to different car brands as well as air conditioning. I learned all mechanical works when i worked in a prestigious car company Mitsubishi and now I am installing electrical works for an internet shop of my friend. I don't know how to install at first but as I observed and follow and study the patterns I was able to install it correctly. My daughter who is also an internet hobbyist and wants to follow my footsteps helped me in the installation of the 6 units that I am now working. I took some videos during work awhile ago. She was really interesting about the activity and I am so happy that at her early age she knows how to install electrical works aside from being a computer wizard huh..huh...huh...huh...

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