Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I would say that I am big fan of muscle cars. It is because muscle cars are the best there is and the best there ever will be in the car industry. Last month, I acquired a new Dodge Charger. It was the reincarnation of the car since it was launched in the 60's. What I like about the car is that it has rejuvenated from the old one. The interior styling and the new look what makes this machine more admirable. Definitely the streets would love this car running. My first experience with the Dodge vehicle was on the year that my father bought our first car for the family. We were one of the few who owned a Dodge in our village and during that time it was already a head-turner in the neighborhood. Since then the name Dodge was already in my daily vocabulary in vehicles. When the 2009 Dodge charger was launched, I was one of the selected few to first see the car before it was sold in the market. It was not long before I get my hands on the driving wheel of the car. Because after that I was able to acquire one for me. The family tradition lives on as I acquired my Dodge Charger.

When the Toyota Prius was launched in 2000, I was also one of the selected guest of the car company to witness the birth of the new car of the future in the industry of automobiles. The Toyota Prius was one car that has a great potential. When the car was launched, many where asking me will it make the market in terms of sales, I strongly agree that it will do. The new Toyota Prius of 2010 is a car to watch. Some said that it looks strange. But is really what the car is made for. The Toyota Prius has now conquered the automobile industry as its sales increased by a good numbers. The hybrid car industry continues to evolve and the Toyota Prius is just one of the cars that we will be watching. There are also cars that comes in good design and has a very powerful economical engine and these Saturn Aura and Honda Pilot.

I would say that next year, the car industry has so many new things to offer to the car enthusiast out there. New models and new designs are now being prepared by different car manufacturers to their customers. By this, consumers will definitely have a better choice and good worth for their money.


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