Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creative minds

Before i used to landscape places in manual manner meaning I do everything in drawing, scouting plants, designing, costing and everything to come up with a good design at a reasonable cost. It is so laborious on my part because I do it all by myself but right now I can say that it is less laborious than before because of the high technology and the existence of the softwares and computers that has something to do with the art of landscaping; but in order for you to catch that system !!! you need to be good in computers like me( hehehehehehe.........) for me it is just a matter of reshuffling items from one place to another and making some alterations and play with your imaginations to achieve the best design. I would like to share some of my products. The pictures above are my latest creations. I finished the project for almost three days. I hope my online friends would appreciate it and if you want your place to be like this just contact me here in my site or you can email me at or leave a comment here...

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