Friday, April 16, 2010

Safety vaults

I consider myself as a very organized person because every item that I bought or things that I wanna understand, I always see to it that I have a note about it to be able to remember. I always kept receipts and important documents in order so that when I need them to retrieve it ; it is always easy to find. Don't you know that I have a very opposite attitude compared to my father when filing documents is concerned? Yes!!! it is because that my father used to throw receipts, important receipts that came from the government such as the basic and sef tax receipts into his old jar then. As i grew older, I really observe that it is always good to file important documents in a very orderly manner that's why I arranged it every document which my father threw it and arrange it orderly. I started with the land titles and its corresponding tax declarations and arrange it in a folder as a matter of fact, I even retrieve all its documents from the year 1948 up to present in one of his land titles. It is where I found out that taxes is paid as cheaper as 5 pesos per quarter but during that year 5 pesos has a bigger purchasing power. It can already buy you a pair of pants or give you a decent meal. Early this morning, I went to the nearest mall in town to do window shopping. I immediately went to my favorite mall section and that is the hardware section. I have seen different kinds of safety vaults of different brands and comes in a variety of sizes and designs. I tried to opened it and scrutinized every details. I ma interested on those things because I think I can used it to safekeep my original documents. Its prices depends on its size. The bigger the size of the safety vault, the more expensive it is. I like the Honeywell brand model 2190 because its size is just enough for my documents. Honeywell safety vaults brand has its own website where one can choose and compare prices. to all readers of this blog, if you wanna browse their available models please do visit the Honeywell site at

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