Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Braces from EORI for Pedrito Carbonilla

My wife Lyhra went to the hospital (Davao doctors Hospital) to pick up the braces made for Pedrito Carbonilla (Lyhra's father). The cost of the braces is 5 thousand pesos. This is really important for people having problems with spinal columns or people with backbone problems. it can enhance the posture and maintain its balance. Lyhras father has a problem on backbone from upper portion of his bone down to its lumbar spines particularly on his T3 to T5 based on MRI results. He undergo different medical test I mean major test to see what's really happening inside his body and finally after several days of major test results show that he has squamous cell carcinoma it is seen in his cartilage (spinal bone). This braces is really a big help to the said medical problem. The pictures above is the actual braces made East Asia Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Inc. (EORI)

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