Monday, April 5, 2010

Taypids is having an MRI scan at the Davao doctors Hospital

This morning, I went to the hospital to accompany my in laws who needs a medical attention. We arrived at the Davao doctors Hospital at around 10:30 in the morning and immediately my wife Lyhra inquired about the cost of the MRI scan and paid. My father in-law is in pain for about two months already. He loose weight rapidly and experience sleepless nights due to severe back pain. He was in the MRI room around 12 in the afternoon and attended by a medical officer who happens to be my classmate in elementary at the Philippine women's College of Davao named Ralph Bibay. We have a good conversation and he gave us good discounts and we exchange numbers. We were accommodated like VIP compared to other patients. After the MRI scan was finished we were advised to wait for the result at 5 so we just go back too our house and wait for the time. Around 4 in the afternoon, the group excluding myself went straight to the hospital to get the results and to see the attending physician. I was left alone here in my house because I still have things to do. At around 8:06 in the in the evening, my sister in-law called me looking for my wife Lyhra. I told her that I was not with the group and I also informed her that I already texted my wife asking about the results but i got no answer. I asked her if she already know about the results and she responded me in low voice that the results is really bad. She explained a little bit about the result and I already have a feeling that maybe; there must be something wrong with his back bones. There is a crack in its bones that will give him severe pain. I just hope that Tatay Pido will be in good condition as soon as possible. I have some pictures here to show during the MRI scan which the attending medical officer permits me to take pictures during the procedure.


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diixkxoii said...

hello po. ask ko lang po sana kung magkano po ang MRI scan? please reply. thanks.

Des said...

Ask ko lang din po sana, how much it cost for mri scan? My mother is experiencing the same symptoms and doctors recommend mri scan. If you can share to me the cost of mri scan, I would gladly appreciate it.