Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A blog that is web hosted

I have been blogging for more than a year or two now. I was introduced in blogging by a friend of mine. But what is blogging? For a starter blogging is an expression of anything that you would want to write about. It could be an account of things that has happened to you be it happy or sad, or just anything that interests you in writing. In other words blogging is just the same as a personal diary. The only difference is, in a typical diary the owner is the only one who could read his/her writings unless otherwise he/she shares it with somebody else. While in blogging, the things that you have written could be access in the world wide web(www). There is no secret in blogging. A person who happens to visit your blog either with purpose or by chance can read everything even to the first article that you have written for it will be found in the archives.

To keep a blog in a running condition, most bloggers would have webhosts
Most blogs that has existed for a long period of time would somehow invite frequent readers creating a traffic jam. This is because most blogs that are not hosted has limited space and small band-width.

To tap it all having a blog is best when it is hosted to accomodate surfers.


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