Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Philippine Automated election in Lanao del Sur turned chaotic

I have been following the reports about the first Philippine automated election and I am so much happy with the overall results despite of the some chaotic incident that happened in lanao del Sur and other regions that belongs to the hot spot areas. The election turn outs were very fast and accurate because in a matter of minutes all of the figure were already transmitted to the main office in manila area for the comelec people. Some were already proclaimed as winners after several hours. I am just disappointed to what happened to Lanao del Sur were people are carrying heavy firearms during the election. In Lanao del sur, one of the precinct there showed chaos wherein people of different supporters were fighting and some were firing that cause to death to one of the lady during votation as reported by media. I will show you the actual videos from youtube for you to see how chaotic the automated election Lanao del Sur.

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